Action plan based on next-generation law

March 23, 2015
Tokyo metropolitan television

Tokyo metropolitan television
Action plan based on next-generation upbringing support measures promotion law

Because we maintain employment environment so that all employees show the ability enough, and it is in company contributing to next-generation upbringing, we devise action plan as follows.

1 plan period

 Five years from April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2020

2 contents

Plan target 1 Maintenance of coexistence support of workplace environment and family life of employee taking care of the baby
◎Common knowledge and reporting such as coexistence support systems such as parental leave based on child care, care suspension of business law
◎On birth of child, common knowledge of information about the vacation acquisition of father is thorough
Plan target 2 Realization of work-life balance by review of way of working
◎Promotion of the premeditated acquisition of annual vacation and refresh vacation
◎Enforcement of measures for reduction of predetermined outside labor

Measures for 3 accomplishment

 (1) Well-known thorough systems based on official regulations about office regulations and child care, care suspension of business

 (2) Analysis of the acquisition situation such as annual vacation

 (3) Consciousness reform for predetermined outside working hours reduction and reporting about approach method

 (4) Others