Program introduction / Introduction

New custom on Sunday of adults of Japan which MX creates. Vehicle which adults of bubble generation are relieved at. It is disco train.

The 1980s. The times when Japan was wrapped up in air which was vav Lee and was brilliant.
Around all night entertainment area Roppongi, sound, that of mirror ball which we finished dyeing space in were disco sound shiningly nationwide.

As for surfer (including hill) who hung around Roppongi square building, and ever tanned and female college student & female office worker who danced boisterously in VIP room and rostrum in one-length cling-wear, Around 40 of beautiful witch desire to be worried about stain now.
Middle management that flying distance is short, and both absorbed university student and office worker are troubled with now so that passenger seat urges cassette tape of disco song that we made for her of guide through the night to weapon.
Sunday of such them.

70' s, 80' s flowing from 42 inches of TV which we bought in household appliances shop suddenly, disco hit of 90' s.
That town where all which revived in a moment sparkled, that oneself.
Custom on Sunday when adults are new begins and begins.
Well, we march into Disco Train running at full speed in sixteen beat, and let's trip in time.