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Korean drama "sweet secret"

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M Cass-adaptive program

Episode 102

October 19, 2017 broadcast

arumu and loss to leave Tiffany, and to share joy yes. Philip...

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Title The staff cast

Han arumu

Han arumu (shin soyuru)

Fashion designer of we nurse group. Strong woman of core which is forward, and does not regret own past. It is detection we are rejected by Philip who loved heartily for the studying in the United States era, but to be pregnant afterwards. We deliver daughter alone. In being difficult, and facing that it is various though we struggle mother ashamed of nobody after returning home in Korea if possible. ni feeling begins to shake arrowhead that anyone has already thought that there is not beloved thing, loss that he/she always supports on side yes.

Jeong Seong-Woon

Jeong Seong-Woon (Kim feces)

The general manager of we nurse group. We respect principle by work and are known for human relations with heartless fellow. We know fact that sua of stepmother affects for death of mother deeply and put distance in half younger brother, sonho. However, meet arumu and daughter, Tiffany, and is slightly human; come to turn up. Is impressed by figure of arumu which any situation brings up Tiffany, and is going to pull, and decide when want to protect her throughout the life, but ...


Philip (Jan jinu)

M&A specialist whom jun chairperson scouted for business expansion in we nurse group. We go back to Korea to get back together with arumu which loved in old days. We will be troubled with arumu which does not stream in his courtship. Loss works yes, and romance is opposed together, but but arumu and loss are going to obtain arumu using what kind of hand as no distance shrinks yes.

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