Korean drama "sweet secret"

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M Cass-adaptive program

Episode 102

October 19, 2017 broadcast

arumu and loss to leave Tiffany, and to share joy yes. Philip...

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Title Story

- that thought of man and woman made fun of in sad secret indulgently mixes

Whereabouts of "each secret" that production company of "romance white paper of time - me and boyfriend who loved you" dealt with!
Love and treacherous story that four men and women with secret weave on the stage of the design industry!

Love and treacherous story that man and woman with secret weaves!

- - that it is revealed that it is said good-bye to lover suddenly and does disappointed heroine Han arumu soon and carries his child. He goes to meet to tell it to lover, but he gets married with different woman, and he is betrayed….
In arumu going back to Korea with daughter one year later. Jun of general manager was loss in sons of chairperson of uinazugurupu where it hosted design contest that she applied for to have spilled milk of daughter in plane yes. Meanwhile, former lover who is father of daughter of arumu appears in Korea suddenly….

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