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Korean drama "present as for you"

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M Cass-adaptive program

Episode 110

"We leave from the past"

July 23, 2018 broadcast

tefa is sentenced. sonjin where tefa which committed a crime for oneself does not become for sympathy. Seal guilty in such sonjin...



The CAST/STAFF cast staff

The name of actor

ho ijie
(the part of kon hyonsu)

"Daddy single person is loving madly"
"Shrine S - Secret Prince"

The name of actor

Che myongiru
(we use yone yes)

"Life ~ that entourage - star is splendid"
"Future choice"

The name of actor

Kim jun
(the part of jun tefa)

"There is lover"
"Media CAL top team"

The name of actor

Tea dojin
(the part of ma dojin)

"We become star and shine"
"Oath - of love tears of strangeness empress - two"

The name of actor

SIMM jiho
(the part of Han yunho)

"Deep love"
"Color of woman"

Script: o bohyon, i munhi "order you"
Direction: Yoon ryuhe "fan gumuboku which came back" "remodeling plan ~ of Wanda full love - love"

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