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Korean drama "present as for you"

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M Cass-adaptive program

Episode 111

"Live happily"

July 24, 2018 broadcast

In yone getting out of seat of representative, and returning to work of foundation, and yunho aiming at designer. Meanwhile, dojin...



INTRODUCTION program introduction

All the characters victim! Reencounter that wife X shuto which lost birth - happiness of the strongest evil woman is strange! Unprecedented bog love and hatred drama!
University student that hyonsu (ho ijie) which lost father in accident lives brightly poorly while supporting mother with aftereffects. It is on the verge of graduation, and it is proposed by yunho (SIMM jiho) of lover. Mother yone (Che myongiru) of yunho suspected that it is value expectation, and hyonsu neared yunho, but we see figure of hyonsu which he/she makes for oneself and detect two marriage. Ship which father of yunho and yunho boarded in family destination for accident. hyonsu and yone which lost husband together will walk separate ways.

Several years later, hyonsu of single mother meets son of a noble family dojin (tea dojin) of TSK group while we work as designer. hyonsu attracted by openhearted dojin comes to think about marriage before long. It was father of dojin, yone which married again with the chairperson of ma at TSK group to have appeared as mother-in-law in front of such hyonsu. We begin to regard yone which is whether ex-wife tefa (Kim jun) of ma chairperson hears remarriage of former husband, and you are not robbed of property which should be succeeded to by sons second wife with hostility. In fact, we worked tefa in ship which yunho and yunho father got on to put out yunho which was eyewitness of own evil deed.

Action that yone which was robbed of its husband and son took…

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