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Episode 10

<The Card Players>

September 17, 2017 broadcast

Bruckner carries out revenge to Graham. rokusana negotiates with Graham, and two people are going to solve each situation. uzei where business with customer of Belinda fails. Plan to kill smuggling companion each other, Hassan is board...



Cruel plot side by side with death hides behind in the beauty and the backside of activeness blinded by…

 Graham Connah who was brought up in blue-collar of Brooklyn. We use connection with curio thief corps concerned with in Iraq for the U.S. army soldier era and gain the favor of well-known auction house of NY, park Mason Corporation, and identity is engaged earnestly in own past with covering to establish position as account executive.

 Graham who guides them against rokusana Whitman and others who it is daughter of big game of the rich real estate industry, Sam Bruckner and CEO competing auction house, and is shrewd account executive persuasively. However, in this attractive, exclusive world, hidden identity of Graham jeopardizes not only his carrier but also his life….

 We do worldly desires and exhibitionism, fierce client contest between auction companies, *raku between rivals in the company which do not know the bottom of the billionaires and steal plagiarism, forgery. Elaborating of shock that expectations and plot of various people described backstage of auction house which generally was not known connected with each other complicatedly in in front of gorgeous art industrial art object, curio, classic car which formed a line heaps and heaps openly.



Graham Connah
Christian Cook (Yoji Matsuda)
Sam Bruckner
Dennis Quaid (Akio Otsuka)
rokusana Whitman
Kate boss Worth (Mayumi Sako)
Arthur davemboto
Kay Lee L with (Norihiro Inoue)


Director / production total conduct / script
Gary fureda
Production total conduct
Laurence mark
Dennis Quaid
Gardner Sterne
Production total conduct / script
Zipper Rose

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