Nights with the midnight sun princess

M Cass-adaptive program

Episode 149 "new family"

March 27, 2017 broadcast

I hate sonji, and it is found out to have annoyed, and the Chans becomes tempest. ya is stress...

(C)2014-5 MBC

Title Story

One only light that you light me up

Heroine and two men who promise revenge to mother…Triangle love story that love and hatred intersects!

We lose parents early, and peku ya (paku Hana) living together with older brother and his wife causes Chan muomu (son won Gun) and trifling trouble in club where we went out to to play. muomu and ya which would meet each other several times notice that muomu was son of house where oneself has ever freeloaded at and are pleased with two together for miraculous reencounter afterwards. It was all of the Chans who welcomed ya, but older brother faomu (perception untaku) of muomu stared at ya than anyone else more kindly above all. Meanwhile, we meet mother una (i bohi) which was made to hear that older brother Yong Joon of ya died in accident again accidentally. una which pushes Yong Joon entreating to want that I hate and to meet coolly. It is splashed just after that by car, and Yong Joon who was shocked by words of mother "whom we do not contact anymore" dies. We know that there was shadow of mother in the spot, and ya which heard the situation at the time of accident locates address of una. Therefore figure of una which thing which ya looked at is rich house, and laughs among families happily. ya which cannot hold anger in check decides revenge to mother and begins to gradually approach una….