Club SLAZY Extra invitation - Malachite
Club SLAZY Extra invitation - Malachite

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Club SLAZY Extra invitation - Malachite

M Cass-adaptive program
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Thursday from 25:05 to 25:35
Broadcast was finished.
Broadcast informationBroadcast information
Program introductionProgram introduction
Much-talked-about stage "Club SLAZY" which let addicts appear one after another with work which anyone has not watched until now where even musical is not drama appears to TV with new genre called SHOW drama which song, dance were included in abundantly!
Attractive song, story that mystery crowds, characters who are individual, and are selfish (laugh)!
A certain serious case happens in back "of" SLAZY which was not drawn on the stage!

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The cast staffThe cast staff
Act: Shinji Oyama
Bloom: Motohiro Ota
Cool Beans: Kosuke Yonehara
Deep: Ryosuke Kato
Doo-Bop: Masahiro Kuranuki
End: Yuki Izawa
Fly: Saigawa Kohji
Graf: Ken Goto style

King: Daisuke Watanabe
Odds: Rei Fujita
Reti: inzagi
V.P.: Kimeru
Will: Keisuke Azuma
Zs: Yuki Fujiwara 
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New Jack: K-TA2, Yuichiro Hashimoto, Ryo Imai, Keisuke Nishimura

Script: Kaori Miura
Music: Asu (BMI Inc.)
Choreography: Satomi Toma

Director: Risa Abe
Production: AlbuquerqueFILM
Line producer: Masahiro Masuoka, Kazuo Endo

Assistant producer: Tomoki Yasui, Yutaka Harada
Producer: Toshihisa Yoshii, Shiori Watanabe
Plan: CLIE
Production: CLIE, Tokyo metropolitan television
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