Two monologue

February 14, 2018 Episode 6

Umbrella wants to dance without shining and

You consider to be way back from school, Hinata which would take shelter, and smell. In rain, two remember the time when they met at neighboring seat ten years ago. We see, and can shadow make friends with Hinata between former close friends once again? Cross-purposes JK life of gloomy person and gal, we conclude at last?
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Cross-purposes JK life, the start of gloomy person and gal!

We see cool gal, sacred kitchen (see chestnut) of neighboring seat, and geek, hemp product village (we see irregularity) Hinata gloomy during class on one day notices that shadow is close friend ten years ago.

Of popularity as child's part, "high school girl sees Haruka Fukuhara playing an active part in all U.S. true stories that we have conquered "PRECURE" series as actress, voice actor by thiadance, and thia☆ Dan" smell in "my!main in afterward, and kukkinaidoruai!" plays position in the willow beauty rare ga W leads that attracted attention in the part of cera/ juoshaku of "animal squadron juoja" in the part of Hinata.

This product to boast of explosive popularity to from the beginning of serialization start in comics application "rhinoceros Komi" by Cygames which continues sending very popular game including "bahamuto of shinuchi" "Grand blue fantasy" to the world is already live-action film dramatization.
School comedy of new sense that two people who continue passing each other weave while wanting to make friends again each other.

Hemp product village Hinata: Haruka Fukuhara
You look at sacred kitchen, and smell: The willow beauty is rare
Hinata (the childhood period): Tamaki Kohata
You see, and smell (the childhood period): Mirai Iwasaki

The original: Tuna 1st stomach Yu "two monologue" (rhinoceros Komi serialization)
Music: Takashi Watanabe
Director, script: Kenji Kurata
Theme song: Aya Yamamoto "Let's go crazy" (laugh out loud! records)

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