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June 19, 2018 broadcast

Episode 17

Cold War outbreak of daddy and mom

We contribute old sofa of Malaysia habitual use to recycling shop, and Beverly gives new sofa. Was action that thought of husband officially, but, in fact…

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The 80s. In the Goldbergs, slapstick daily life was developed. Middle native Barry where family constitution of family is short-tempered, and bad father Malaysia of mouth, arrogant, meddlesome mother Beverly, eldest daughter Erika of strong-minded high school student, Izzy keyasukute reaction are exaggerated. Youngest child Adam of movie geek. And Zizi (popular name Gigi) who was dandy in father of Beverly was strong friend of children. Adam who became adult looks back on those days.

Jeff garfish phosphorus
Wendy makurendon = Corby
George Segal
Sean Jean Blon
Haley Oran tear
Troy Gen till

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