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M Cass-adaptive program

Broadcast information

Episode 4

"Unhappy reencounter"

June 19, 2018 broadcast

gyommi confronts shihyon which is "son of doctor". However, it is iku together each other in facilities...


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The cast staff

Jun gyonho

Jun gyonho
(the part of jun shihyon)

"Fantastic princess chamyongo"
In "place where you are far"

Nam gyuri

Nam gyuri
(the part of Yoon sumin)

"Les Amants of sea pan head" (heunde)
"49 days as for my time limit"

i jieyun

i jieyun
(the part of chi hyommin)

"A field king"

Kim Yumi

Kim Yumi
(the part of i jinsuku)

"The god of swordsmanship"
"Enjoyment life"

Yoon hyommin

Yoon hyommin
(the part of Kim hyonsu)

"Demon - shop tea -"
"Mask of greed"

Direction: i jonhyo "necessary 2 romance"
Script: yu sonyoru

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