Korean drama "heartless city - heartless city ~"

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M Cass-adaptive program

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Episode 20

"The last decision"

July 11, 2018 broadcast

Safari was suppressed and, in shihyon and jinsuku, went down in sorrow. Meanwhile, it is shihyon...


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Program introduction

New fact to betray expectation of audience in sequence clearly! Real suspense love story that betrayal mixes with love!  

shihyon (jun gyonho) which was executive of drug faction which acted secretly in Seoul was enlarging power in nickname called son "of" doctor rapidly in organization. One day shihyon plans to liquidate boss of organization. However, it was not coup d'etat for the purpose of simple organization grasp. On the other hand, hyommin (i jieyun) of special investigation department's manager to be engaged earnestly in for drug faction destruction locates that keyman of balance group which is big power is son "of" doctor. gyommi which is lover is sent into organization as decoy in co-workers of hyommin to smoke out son "of" doctor, but is assassinated who gyommi is. sumin which aimed at police officer same as older sister gyommi decided that we sneaked into drug faction as investigator to catch son "of" doctor who was harm of older sister. Meanwhile, sumin and accidental reencounter that shihyon was convenience store where we dropped in at before, and acted. shihyon is attracted little by little by sumin showing smile not to change before….

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