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Program summary

Creativity arrest edition of inference drama surprising against a backdrop of the specific stage which is closed to boys called "woman jail" where stupidity and poorness of the nature of woman stagnate based on ninhocho series writer Futaro Yamada original "woman rohisho", and color and desire swirl.

Woman named Musashi drifter dragon was let in woman jail of Edo Kodemmacho. Women of old-timer were ready commencing with dark blue of Boss-criminal of a prison to torment dragon, but it has been expanded in no time by dragon. In fact, this dragon was daughter, haze of Echizennokami Ooka. We became one arm of father Echizen engaged in "god of direction Bo" case and were going to start tune of case.

Performer, the staff

[princess dragon] Mariko Kaga
[omashusuikai] Gin Maeda
[dark blue] Masumi Harukawa
[bear] Yuriko Hime
[hasuzo] Yoji Naruto
[bikikorekai] Tatsuko Mizukami
[car Sasuke] Tetsuro Tsuno
[small amount of money] Setsuko Mori
[minochoheiei] Kazuya Oguri
<the staff>
The original: From Futaro Yamada "woman rohisho"
[script] Tensei Mayumi, Mieko Osanai others
[director] Shigeo Takahashi, Masateru Nishiyama others
© Union Eiga

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