Korean drama "numb bloom"

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Episode 106: Expiation

November 2, 2017 broadcast

On the day of the operation of sejin, detective comes under yugyon. In front of gyonwan which the situation cannot swallow...

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Title The cast

Han Yong Soo

i lily (the part of i nayon / peku dohi)

Casts: "Chan bori as for me!" "Yellow Boots"

o shinhi

so junyon (the part of perception tejun)

Casts: "Tears of Cinderella" "oath - of King of deep Thursday - Sejong Univ. of root"

min juon

paku Hana (the part of Chan sejin)

Casts: "Nights with the midnight sun princess" "TWO WEEKS"

min jonhyon

son jonho (the part of paku figyon)

Casts: "Girl to see smell" "tebaku" (original title)

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