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Episode 106: Expiation

November 2, 2017 broadcast

On the day of the operation of sejin, detective comes under yugyon. In front of gyonwan which the situation cannot swallow...

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Title Story

Cold anger and sorrow found flower among me

Pleasure only in mother and two people in nayon (i lily) to live in modestly at church exercise of piano.
It is provoked by tone of piano of such nayon, and tejun (so junyon) comes to go to church. But happiness is transient, and nayon loses mother who is the only family in traffic accident. We left nayon, and gyonwan which was first love partner of mother lived together, but yugyon (Kim copter) of wife who took gyonwan away from mother of nayon was disagreeable, and it thought existence of nayon to be. And sejin (paku Hana) of daughter hits nayon coolly, too. One day we find one of earrings which we grasped when mother dies in room of yugyon when nayon is looking for photograph of mother whom yugyon covered. yugyon which got impatient on seeing the figure sends nayon to dismissal nursing home from house….

15 years later, tejun and nayon became relation to bring up love, and to promise the future. And sejin just obtained intense divorce with husband of restraint. tejun which entered pekudogurupu in the presidents accepts suggestion of studying in the United States from company. However, in it, company of sejin was condition.

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