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With love or love (provisionally)

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Woman #1 which awakes

August 25, 2017 broadcast

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With love or love (provisionally)

You choose continuance of drama!
Love power reinforcement variety to make together

"gesu immorality" "4 crotch" "super carnivore girl"…
New sense love variety from Hiroshima country to be with their "love, or to be with love, or to build up" by drama makeup based on episode that modern youths actually experienced!

"Audience oneself performing A B choice" of whereabouts of love as for the point of program maximum.
Audiences can easily participate in program by voting from HP and Twitter. In addition, manners of loving to "part correct ⇒ kiss ⇒ ⇒ to hold with ⇒ to come" across for the three episodes conclusion (+Another story) are described in sense of speed such as roller coaster!

Furthermore, it is Inuyama paper child & Shinji Nishimura of love maestro to give strong spice to these dramas.
"It is this fellow, dreg!"
"We want to only do it!"
We speak for of heart that nado, audience felt to see drama slashingly.

Precise advice including solution is unmissable; love power, also known as high circle is reliable. Does love become scary? No, keyword, that of magic that comes to want to do love more are "carp Cali" strangely!

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