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Korean drama "stormy woman"

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Episode 115: Secret of will

August 21, 2017 broadcast

jonimu which heard place to stay of Lawyer Yoon gets secret of will out of muyon. shika...

(C) 2014-5 MBC

Title The staff cast

Han Yong Soo

Han jonimu (paku sonyon)

Casts: "Masterpiece of kimchi - immortality" "love of insanity"

o shinhi

paku hyonu (hyon uson)

Casts: "Lady" "Yellow Boots"

min juon

to hebin (co-ummi)

Casts: "Golden empire" "she who is in danger"

min jonhyon

paku Hyun Sung (jun Chan)

Casts: "Daughter subekuhyan of emperor" "Yellow Boots"

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