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Episode 87: hebin desperate situation

June 27, 2017 broadcast

jonimu is informed of that doni returned home just before the departure to the United States from junte; to...

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Title Story

We tell you. This pain and despair.

Housewife Han jonimu (paku sonyon) gentle at heart.
One day jonimu injures time that is doing shopping, and conflicted with paku hyonu (hyon uson), and evil destiny with hyonu begins from there.

On the other hand, to hebin (co-ummi) sending married life without husband paku Hyun Sung (jun Chan) and love meets Chan muyon (paku junyoku) in point that we visited and it is past and is shocked by thing looking just like with old lover whom we lost.

We do soon, and, as for two people, come to immorality-related, but hebin notices muyon being husband of friend jonimu afterwards, and jonimu also knows relations of two people. And daughter soyun of jonimu falls down stairs and becomes in serious condition in a coma as if we pursue and make further attacks on broken-hearted jonimu.

This matter was judged with accident, but, in fact, daughter minju of hebin pushed, and hebin muzzled the person concerned by financial power. Uneasiness that thing becomes clear and hebin where we are going to plunge jonimu into out of jealousy feeling to jonimu. As a result, false charge is put, and jonimu is sent to prison. Two years later, jonimu discharged from prison met beloved soyun again, but further tragedy waited for her….

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