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Korean drama "secret of woman"

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M Cass-adaptive program

Broadcast information

Episode 5

Out of single-minded desire "to meet"

October 17, 2017 broadcast

jiyu which knew that ganu visited many times in house writes bunch with father gyoniku to encounter ganu (sokucho)...


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The cast staff

so ihyon

so ihyon
(the part of perception jiyu)

"Three D - love and justice ~"
"Love - Who Are You ~ to protect you"

o minsoku

o minsoku
(the part of yu ganu)

"misen - non-straight -"
"Kill me heel me"

Kim yunso

Kim yunso
(the part of Che Sorin / phone sumboku)

"Beloved yes Don"
"Bakery which sends legendary witch - love"

John phone

John phone
(the part of min Sono)

"Empire of golden cross love and greed"
"She was beautiful"