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Korean drama "secret of woman"

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Episode 59

"Whereabouts of child"

April 3, 2018 broadcast

jiyu presses bokucha to want you to tell whether oneself had child. bokucha which could not be worthy of attack of conscience,...


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Program introduction

It is the truth of lie and me of you that want to know――

 Woman jiyu (so ihyon) which is gentle for naivete that grew up in rich family. Daughter sumboku (Kim yunso) of cleaning lady of her house had inferiority complex and jealousy feeling in all for comfortable jiyu.
 Several years later, sumboku changes the name with Sorin and approaches son of a noble family ganu (o minsoku) of mosongurupu in lovers of jiyu and makes up flirtation. jiyu faces the material of ganu to check the real intention, but they are chased in Don which is cooperator of Sorin (i song) and are in an accident, and, as for father of jiyu which shared car, death, jiyu fall into coma. When it is oneself and child of ganu, jiyu feigns child that delivery, Sorin were born with there not being of consciousness and gets married afterwards with ganu.
 Three years later, jiyu regained consciousness miraculously, but lost much memory. Such one day, jiyu get to know chairperson of mosongurupu which covered identity in gukbap restaurant. In it being opportunity to have helped chairperson suffering from illness, and jiyu working as care giver in house of chairperson. We are surprised at reencounter with jiyu, and Sorin who learned a strong fret and uneasiness plans to send jiyu out of house. It was jiyu which is only puzzled over such Sorin at the start, but we regain memory before long and promise heart that we uncover her mean act.

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