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Korean drama "shopping king Louis"

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M Cass-adaptive program

Broadcast information

Episode 10

"Smile of bokushiru"

May 28, 2018 broadcast

Louis and bokushiru which would be taken care of for a while in apartment of Jun won. Louis...


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The cast staff

so inguku

so inguku (the part of Louis)

"Master of genius fraud ♡ - 38 riot police ~ as for the ex-boyfriend"
"May we be in secret love? "

Nam jihyon

Nam jihyon (the part of co-bokushiru)

"Angel eyes"
"Queen Zentoku"

Yoon sanhyon

Yoon sanhyon (the part of tea Jun won)

"We hear your voice"
"We do not want to lose!"

imu cicada

imu cicada (the part of peku Mali)

"Daughter subekuhyan of emperor"
"We languish all the time"

Direction: i sanyopu "daughter subekuhyan of emperor"
Script: o diYong ※"The seventh drama open call for participants exhibition" award for excellence prize winner (sponsorship: broadcast contents promotion foundation)

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