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Korean drama "shopping king Louis"

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Broadcast information

Episode 22

"Kind of happiness that Louis carried"

June 13, 2018 broadcast

Mother yone and gumuja of Jun won, three people of jiesuku are tsu in fashion SNS of Louis...


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Program introduction

Both rice which you cook and the smile are all my things We are penniless and are homeless? Such a boyfriend is prince only for me

When we were young, Louis (so inguku) who lost parents in accident lived on order of grandmother who it was the only blood relative, and was chairperson of gold financial combine among servants in mansion in France. The only pleasure of Louis who is any life that there is not non-freely, but is lonely "shopping." It was called "a shopping king" from the skill of having a practised eye to be able to be called the born talent. Lose memory as a result that Louis who went back to Korea after an interval of 15 years on such one day did new driving when notice, is penniless; became homeless. bokushiru (Nam jihyon) raised in the heart of a mountain finds Kamigyo, Louis who wore clothes of bokunamu there in soul at that time to look for younger brother bokunamu which ran away from home. However, Louis does not know things of bokunamu, and there is neither memory nor money. It is decided that embarrassing bokushiru takes care until Louis regains memory and begins to work as dustman in group companies, gold line dot-com of golden financial combine to earn cost of living. Therefore bokushiru which is surprised to match bowl with Jun won (Yoon sanhyon) of general manager. Jun Wong was partner who sold ginseng by force what when we had baggage stolen in cars to Seoul, and bokushiru lost its money.

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