Star ☆Concerto

Star ☆Concerto

Wednesday from 22:00 to 22:25
Broadcast was finished.
Broadcast informationBroadcast information
Program introductionProgram introduction
Main character (= audience) is Manager new face of entertainment office.
We are called overnight by single house,
"Introduce six new face man talents whom there is here as idol group!"
to is said. Besides
"Six people are cohabitation in single house until they make their debut. Of course as for the manager saying is?
Cohabitation of DOKIDOKI with six brilliant idol cadets and Manager new face!
Aim suha, debut live!
It was six people and manager who were about to get on track,
One day is told to join two of popularity by net delivery; ...
Can eight of them make their debut through trial as expected?
The cast staffThe cast staff
[the cast]
The part of eikura (we obtain and are how much) Hiroki: Hiroki Ino
Days field lap (crack we do not knit) position: Kenta Kamakari
Sho Hasegawa sound (Hasegawa Sean) position: kawagubi*
The part of flower shrine (we despise) Minami: Takashi Nagata person
Osamu Tanaka Ichiro (we borrow of shelf Ichiro) position: Hawk pine Koichi
ishimori* (we let you be and are forest kana) position: Yu Suzuki Shiro
Yuta Sharaku (sharakuyuuta) position: kokawaryukei
Maruyama Musashi (Maruyama Musashi) position: kiriya*ri
Makoto Kosuda (kosudamakoto) position: Haoka Kazuyoshi
Gonta original Inazo (gondawarainazo) position: Half sea Kazuaki

[The staff]
Original bill, script: Tsubota sentence
Script: Fumi who is Mitsutaka Hirota, Aruga Hikaru, Sasaki
Direction: koganga* (high old style), north Bo Shinichi, Yasushi Ikebe intellect
Producer: Yukiko Yanagawa, jokyuhotomoki
Production production: Joint TV
Production: "Studio ☆ kon" production Committee