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Visit! Heavens fencer

Every Monday from 9:30 to 10:00

Each story outline

May 28, 2018 broadcast
Episode 10 "falls below Japanese alphabet tenement house, osoi"
We get your life this time if we repeat blunder further. Financial standing that it was sentenced ruler of darkness and cowered at let subordinates attack Japanese alphabet tenement house. Financial standing that held resident hostage threatens Monday Taro. In thing to threaten when we kill one by one when we do not take out cup of glass.

Performer, the staff

[Kikyo Monday Taro] Yuki Meguro
[Aya Takeda] Kaori Moritani
[Haruyuki Sakaki assistant] Fuminori Nakayama
[financial standing court official] Katsumasa Uchida
[the lord of a manor-maru] Toshihiro Asari
[shoku*] Kaori Moritani (the part of 2)

<the staff>
The original: Than Kokichi Kitazono "silhouette of Edo"
[script] Takayuki Kase, Fumio Ishimori, Masaaki Wakuda, Masaru Tsushima
[director] Hideo Nanbu, Masaru Tsushima, Shigeyuki Yamane, Makoto Abe bloom, Hitoshi Osu others
© Shochiku Co., Ltd.

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