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Korean drama "woman of my bridegroom"

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M Cass-adaptive program

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Episode 120

August 10, 2018 broadcast

Moment, sugyon which were almost run over and killed in jieyon and hyonte which realized that we did not want to leave...



The cast staff

The name of actor

so hajun
The part of Kim hyonte

Casts work
Which "we love all the time and want to perform" "behind-bars flower" "Princess aurora"

The name of actor

Jan jinson
The part of paku sugyon

Casts work
"Bride of 100 years" "my disappointed boyfriend" if "it is Sunday like today" "elegant woman" "City Hunter" "secrets"

The name of actor

paku sunchon
The part of i jinsuku

Casts work
"dai**" (tejoyon) "medical top team" "making of lover" "Kim man Doc" "sword of chieoku" "syndrome" "nights with the midnight sun" "sunflower" "happy woman" "hello! Young lady if "it is Sunday like today" "all of Eve" "Sirius" "kiss in April" "woman of house across the street" whom "mother is beautiful" "Orient theater" "faker" "hero of town" "love of hogu" "incarnation of money" that "she came back" "description of cheerfulness girl success" which "insun is beautiful" "header ~ in the No Limit - ground"

The name of actor

Chan sunjo
The part of Che jieyon

Casts work
"Ask mom" "walking person (disadvantage bi) in night" "LIAR GAME - raiagemu ..." "kamatsurigoto" (F John) "4 in quiz season of God" which "order you"

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