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Korean drama "woman of my bridegroom"

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M Cass-adaptive program

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Episode 120

August 10, 2018 broadcast

Moment, sugyon which were almost run over and killed in jieyon and hyonte which realized that we did not want to leave...



Program introduction

Mother of dead wife and man who lives. Woman who married the man.
It is revealed that the woman was real daughter of mother-in-law,
Tangle of mother and daughter swirls.

In jinsuku, hyonte of bridegroom couldn't help being witty after daughter died. However, we become able to gradually think that hyonte is totally real son.
One day woman sugyon which hyonte loves visits jinsuku. When jinsuku yearned for dead daughter, sugyon was witty and always sulked.
However, it is revealed that sugyon is own "real daughter". sugyon which feels, and does not accept jinsuku which was thrown away to jinsuku and mother who poured love into sugyon to regain time for past that wanted to meet real daughter all the time.
Tangle of two people swirls…

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