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Performer: Emiko Kaminuma, Ohira Saburo

Broadcast content of April 1, 2017 is ...

Entertainer SP to promise fresh start of the life to

Entertainer promising fresh start by the arrival at turning point of the life flocks tonight! Please talk about thought and the back circumstances on determination openly!
Shigenori Yamazaki who married beautiful woman actress, Rei Yoshii speaks frankly about newly-married life last year! Uenuma preaches figure of the Ono location fully opening a sermon publicly unintentionally saying it "is loved too much and licks"?
We confess bottom life that daughter, Hanako of Yumi Takigawa sending entertainment life as the celebrity-like second gets a divorce with cause husband, Masaki Nishina, and strayed very much! And we reveal current part-time job life that reversed itself from celebrity!
Super popular Duo! Kaname Kawabata of CHEMISTRY appears for the first time! We reveal It Happened One Night which decided Duo revival after an interval of five years very much!
Peace Ayabe is coming out in thought to hang for New York advance that we achieved last year! It is studio total feed in too big ambition to aim at Hollywood actor? Furthermore, "that secret meeting doubt" to want you to make clear before visit to the United States! For question "which there were Noriko Fujita and relations" from Uenuma answer of peace Ayabe?
Of course Uenuma is accelerator fully opening, too! It is hard white in thought to hold for daughter, ANRI of late Ryoko Sakaguchi who turns into sexy actress, and made a fresh start in the adult industry! We reveal state of mind as mother of Kansai with episode that was entrusted with thought during the lifetime saying "we would like" from Ryoko Sakaguchi!
Even entertainer is troubled! "Turning point of the life" that comes to anyone taking advantage of marriage and divorce, graduation and encounter! Look at one hour when the true intentions of guest on such a "fresh start" overflow!

nishikiya*, Shigenori Yamazaki, Kaname Kawabata (CHEMISTRY), Hanako, Eiji Shibata (untouchable), Yuji Ayabe (peace), slim club
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