[MX2] Every Saturday from 17:00 to 18:27
Performer: Emiko Kaminuma, Ohira Saburo

Broadcast content of May 27, 2017 is ...

gyokai backside SP, ending of actress gesu immorality

The backside of various gyokai clearly! gesu immorality of popular actress whom sharp entertainment reporter confided to the cause invited terrible ending?
▼That popular artist predominant in generation earned 100 million yen by side business! Uenuma is una ru for the method, too! ▼Bride of entertainer breaks into and creates a series of bomb episodes! Women boo in remark that "was woman that I am convenient" very much!
▼Anger of Uenuma is not settled! Spearhead of "parking lot quarrel case" faces husband…All members size roar of laughter!

nishikiya*, Michael Tomioka, Naoto Kine (TM NETWORK), NANA (MAX), Hideshi Fujitani, RENA, SuperMaradona, Akira Tanaka
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