[MX2] Saturday from 17:30 to 18:27
Performer: Emiko Kaminuma, Ohira Saburo

Broadcast content of September 9, 2017 is ...

Slim Maeda is Uenuma a zen by shock immorality confession

Slim club Maeda of M-1 finalist confesses all fickleness that became serious to wife how! For action that I am amazed to learn as for the confessed wife! With the ending?
Former gravure idol Kumiko Takeda is program first participation in a war! Beloved daughter that all divorce talk and the performers from mixed marriage with American man were surprised at the beauty from photography secret story that we expected from photography that we attach that shell which we swept over between tea at the time last year is exhibition! We make hard luck story and 13 years old that antagonized woman of the world of the other debuts era, and episode of the first kiss confesses nakedness, too!
Legendary vocal diamond of the rock band "red war rear" ☆In atmosphere that episode that it is hard to understand that happened in health room of elementary school of yukai jumps out, and there is not studio by this! Meanwhile, Kajiwara that "which mouth shoves in gen ttennen!" and Saburo talking hot! What kind of talk was really developed?

Hitoshi Kusano, Kumiko Takeda, diamond ☆yukai, Mika Ann, Tadashi Masuko pure (the hair raised in anger sky) shosawaichiuyamai (speed wagon), slim club
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