[MX2] Saturday from 15:00 to 16:00
Performer: Emiko Kaminuma, Ohira Saburo

Broadcast content on March 3, 2018 is ...

Former entertainer appears in the former CIA entertainment world's best talented women

Anna Tsuchiya that we achieve trigamy last year and delivered the eldest daughter this year is program first appearance! The private life is released to pet of surprising number from child different in father very much each by own house! Uenuma longs for way of life that is the lock and comments, "it is enviable"! ▼Similarly entertainer's best talented woman who exceeded examination of police engine FBI of engine CIA and United States Department of Justice which are under the control of the President of United States of America direct control, and perform espionage is program's first appearance! Uenuma is feed in the episode that visits Japan four years ago, and converted to entertainer how unintentionally, too! It is studio astonishment in the world that we have not looked in including contents of difference between CIA and FBI and the last examination! ▼"It is pet theory only for me theme! As much as both guest and Uenuma want to say to such a woman in medical care! We develop pet theory, and large serving gets nervous!

Eiko Segawa, Ryuhei Ueshima (ostrich club), Anna Tsuchiya, RENA, Takashi Fujii, Ikkei Ozawa (speed wagon), REINA
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