[MX2] Saturday from 17:30 to 18:27
Performer: Emiko Kaminuma, Ohira Saburo

Broadcast content of October 28, 2017 is ...

Beautiful woman who looks good with girls-only gathering SP, astonishment beauty waist, beer

It is full of women and says what we wants to say! Akira Hokuto came to Disneyland ●* To na girl, that's what you get! Model of the first appearance to man of walking-smoking, that's what you get! To gay companion who came for concert that love had the same in spring, that's what you get! We give vent to irritation that we felt in everyday life!
Uenuma gives marriage that cause national idol of bog immorality disturbance is troubled with clear advice! Studio is uproar in the surprised eating habits of chubby woman entertainer, too! Even aging odors girl is troubled with bad breath!
The first appearance! The designer of beautiful waist exercise makes 58 years old; and waist 56 kilos! Hand which can anticipate effect by only one-minute exercise once light; studio is astonishment in contents that it is easy, too! Change that is surprising in west of chubby woman entertainer whom we challenged! There is value of seeing in beautiful waist exercise! Various one hour! Special that we say as much as it is full of women and wants to say!

Love, Yasuko Kuramoto, Mari Yaguchi, nitchie which are Akira Hokuto, Wakako Shimazaki, SHINO, spring
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