[MX2] Every Saturday from 17:00 to 18:27
Performer: Emiko Kaminuma, Ohira Saburo

Broadcast content of April 29, 2017 is ...

Man of the world SP of the entertainment world
▼With the unknown bottom of the pile era of cause "eye Connick" who broke through with shaven head? Actor, Yoji Tanaka was former JR employee? Tonight…Human experience-rich entertainer flocks!

Man of the world of the entertainment world flocks! Entertainment life that there is valley which there is mountain in in…Bottom of the pile life…One hour when is full of first soup stock episodes!
▼Appearance that broke through very much as woman artist ICONIQ (Aiko Nic) of shaven head first Yumi Ito! Too hard bottom of the pile times talk of the Korean idol era who started entertainment life
▼Of drama "HERO" was familiar in "there is", and actor, Yoji Tanaka worked in old days in JR? We released shock photograph of younger days! Furthermore, we reveal secret of Yoji Tanaka that Yuya Matsushita acts in the same play breaking through in the morning in gong "beppinsan"!
▼Former female office worker entertainer, Kayoko Okubo is big fight by great overseas travel with close friend Asako Ito!
▼Kumiko Oba who became star in "comets" at a bound is the trouble life of turn "talent manager, clothes" one three key posts…
▼Sunday that expert actor, Gin Maeda enraged "actor, Kiyoshi Atsumi who was not angry"…Unknown hard luck story, failure talk of the entertainment world comes one after another!

Gin Maeda, Kumiko Oba, Yoji Tanaka, Yumi Ito, Yuya Matsushita, Kayoko Okubo (Oashizu), SuperMaradona
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