[MX2] Saturday from 17:30 to 18:27
Performer: Emiko Kaminuma, Ohira Saburo

Broadcast content of July 1, 2017 is ...

Kumakiri sheds tears in the star real face of Showa, Uenuma opinion

Of "my the episode treasure" and Showa to talk about wife, Tamao Nakamura is confession with the real face of super star Shintaro Katsu! With the real face? ▽In fact, announcer at former TBS Miyoko Yoshikawa of program first appearance was X 2! We are surprised, and episode with former master is astonished! ▽It is three mothers at 34 years old! As for the astonishment episode of model of X 3! As for Uenuma, Uenuma develops serious opinion for that amazed look ▽ love scandal in the impossible contents! Person concerned guest sheds tears in the contents unintentionally! Studio understands opinion of Uenuma, too! ▽Theme "woman and man! What of me being bad" Then love counselor appeared, and hit eventfulness guest; cut! ▽And, as for the girls-only gathering talk that man comes to flinch at, astonishment is refreshing!

Tamao Nakamura, Mineko Nishikawa, Miyoko Yoshikawa, Maiko Kawakami, Hitomi Sato, Asami Kumakiri, MALIA., Nadja Grand Diva, feather forest reason crane
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