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December 15, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 136]

[soul! It is echoed by su pe movement # 136 program end! New program and soul! About the future of member]

In program of last week and TOKOTON! Put in this
<< F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! After doing news of end >> in year
There is big reaction from all of you and is glad very much.
We are worth having continued program for a long time.
About new program of the next season, we tell in good timing.

Soul! New program which member understands………. It is considerable difficult problem.

Well, it is soul! Because member is not ordinary!
We are late and do not hear meeting and do not do according to script
It is super bad humor that we do not consider to lose game….

Seven years when we made program with such a member.
Seven years when program grew up with team.
Next week is the last inning laughingly even if we cry. It is soul till the last! We race rashiku!

December 08, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 135]

[soul! About serious announcement from su pe movement # 135 program]

We finished the last war together, and this season of F.C. Tokyo was over us J1, J3.
Result of assent do not go.

However! To the last brave figure of Ishikawa and Tokunaga fighting with pace of taste studio desperately
We felt "blue red soul".
We promised heart to continue supporting team hot again.

The next season is soul, too! Until team reaches top with member…….

However, the wish does not come true. Program will be finished at limit this year.
I am very sorry in sudden report.

TOKOTON which had you watch like program so far! This is only for this year, too.

Until the last "soul! As rashiku wants to finish running
I would like hot support.

December 01, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 134]

[soul! su pe movement # 134 J1 last match! In the elevated passageway leading to the stage of "Nao retirement" ideal?]

Last war of this season that finally approached!
It is J1 last match which can fight in these members.

And! !Naohiro Ishikawa who leaves pace in this season
We want to see figure which is energetic with pace of taste studio by all means!

It is the severe professional world.
We want at first you to aim at victory to say yuttisanga!
We want you to appoint Ishikawa to win by last war!

F.C. Tokyo ray! Transfer of Tokunaga became announcement, too.
Captain Morishige who was not able to contribute to team for injury as expected.
Nova to want to see with pace of taste studio! Takefusa Kubo.

J1 last war when "various thought" mixes.
We dye stadium into blue red, and let's support team!

November 24, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 133]

[soul! su pe movement # 133 leagues end game! The game with next gnarl Sanfrecce Hiroshima prospects]

The league end game!
Where is championship team of this season? At the same time to be interested
J1 residual fight enters the final stage, too.

Opponent Sanfrecce Hiroshima of the next gnarl is the 15th place now.
There is possibility of demotion depending on result of remainder two games enough, too.
Naturally we will come to pick off point 3 desperately!

On the other hand, we are F.C. Tokyo!
We are given up for residual fight by irrelevant here six games, victory of the things.
The next joint must add force to the last war at home by clear victory.

And achievement of Kubo & Hirakawa attracts attention.

Anyway, both J1 and J3 are remainder two games.
Let's enjoy this season till the last!

November 17, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 132]

[soul! Game with su pe movement # 132nd clause Sagan Tosu fine-view & transfer talk]

Have free interruption by international match
J1 league reopens from the end of this week!

Opponent of the next gnarl is Sagan Tosu.
It is TOKOTON in partners! It is only manager Massimo Ficcadenti studying
What kind of; fight, or look forward to!

In addition, transfer-related talk to be worried about when it is this time.
If since is professional, think about own carrier; transfer of way there is not.
However, player whom we continued supporting for many years
It is really lacking to transfer to other teams….

It is remainder three games to be able to fight in these members.
Victory and goals much in one! And we want to see smile of players.