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October 13, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 127]

[soul! The game with su pe movement # 127th clause Ventforet Kofu prospects]

TOKOTON of this week! ha
If there is few for the next gnarl, the prospects of game with Ventforet Kofu
Chat is rather much and sends.

We come out in the VTR middle stage
Story, Ippei "is particular all the time."

We set up dosshiri as opinion turn in program and
It is wrong one which there is not to be deep elder brother skin of breast
Actually, we are considerably particular in good meaning….

As body is small in various ways though it is big, we are scared.
In good meaning….

Such Ippei
TOKOTON which comments on soccer slowly and carefully!
Thanks in advance for your help!

October 06, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 126]

[soul! We look back on game with su pe movement # 126 Jubilo Iwata!]

This weekend
J1 league is closed under the influence of giraffe challenge cup holding.

This TOKOTON! ha
We look back on foregoing paragraph, game with Jubilo Iwata.

It was game that ended in scoreless draw
Manager Yasuma raises
"pozesshon does ball and holds initiative of game
We evade risk of loss at the same time to aim at goal"
toiu soccer-style is thought to be game that was able to embody.

Be refreshed during this interruption period
We think that we want you to fight out league remainder six games.

September 29, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 125]

[soul! The game with su pe movement # 125th clause Jubilo Iwata prospects]

League match of this season is remainder seven games, too!
The next gnarl is play with Jubilo Iwata at home.

Centering on special player called Shunsuke Nakamura
For Jubilo Iwata setting various attacks
You do pozesshon, and can you hold initiative of game?

Regain confidence on chest for pride of blue red again
We want you to show posture to be particular about game without giving up till the last!
We want you to show fight with hope in the next season!

Our being able to do it,
It is only to support team.

September 22, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 124]

[soul! su pe movement # 124 newly! Yasuma Tokyo-style ☆]

It becomes first campaign of Yasuma new director
Game with J1 league Section 26 home Vegalta Sendai.

RISC of loss not "protecting"
It is said that we hold ball and evade by "attacking"
We show new soccer-style and win wonderfully!

League match is remainder eight games.
We want you to continue with victory.
Smile of players is best!

The next gnarl is play with Kashiwa Reysol of favorable condition.
You who cannot watch a game at stadium!
By all means,
Let's work as view Inge together in Hooters Shinjuku west exit store!

September 15, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 123]

[soul! su pe movement # 123 program MC dookureio "it is love" and speaks frankly talk ♪]

The Manager Shinoda retirement and appointment of Yasuma new director….
Two years in a row for director change and way of slump in the season middle of team
May there be much shocked fan supporter?

This TOKOTON! Then
We who love F.C. Tokyo deeply dookureio of program MC
We speak frankly for the present conditions of club "satisfactorily"!

As for F.C. Tokyo love, way of thinking is each in each person, too….
Person who is hard to accept way of thinking and way of speaking of Tsuchiya thinks whether you come
Because there is all love!

As well as team, we are happy if you can watch warmly.