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April 20, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 102]

[soul! su pe movement # 102nd is point 3! The game with Albirex Niigata prospects]

Defeat of game with Urawa Reds is never forgotten….
What should I have done to prevent that mistake scene? ?
Etiquette Hiroshi harasses in order to let you make "loss entering Nirvana" to hear commentary of Ippei.

However! You must look ahead.
We acquire point 3 in next gnarl, away Niigata and put up
We will surface again to high rank!

In Kodaira ground,
A lot of a certain front ability player that we left come back for injury.
As far as we are stouthearted!

You regain confidence again, and show "strong Tokyo"!

April 14, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 101]

[soul! Game with su pe movement # 101st clause, Urawa Reds! Great strategy to let F.C. Tokyo win?]

Here two games, we who show a slight indigestion when it is caught up with and is come from behind are F.C. Tokyo.
Game with next clause to reach in such a state, Urawa Reds.
We won a clear-cut victory over Sapporo and wanted to challenge by flow of good feeling….
How can you beat Urawa Reds?

Soul! Member is worried in various ways, too and thinks,
Eventually, concrete solution is not found.

Result having possibilities to be place that "only God knows", but our wanting to see
"Front game!" that Manager Shinoda said ahead of start, Kashima war kamoshiremasen.

Posture to fight that he/she showed by start, Kashima war and Tama River kurashiko, Kawasaki war.
And smile of players who showed after game….
This Sunday. We want to see in home taste studio!

April 07, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 100]

[soul! su pe movement # 100 spirit! As for the expectation the two top of Okubo & utaka!]

The memorable 100th!
It is TOKOTON with program petit renewal from April! In mo new style!
Mainly on foregoing paragraph playback and the next gnarl prospects, it is soul! While being studded with interesting plans that member thinks about
Furthermore, we power up and tell!

Question, question to want Ippei to comment thoroughly…
Please approach to program homepage << message to program >>!

Game with next clause, Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo
Soul! no expectation starting member is the two top of Okubo & pitautaka player☆
We win a clear-cut victory over Sapporo at scoring spree, and we meet, and let's defeat Urawa Reds in paste paste state!

March 31, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 99]

[soul! Is it su pe movement # 99 fate? Is it thank? The game with up-and-coming Sagan Tosu prospects]

J1 league reopens this weekend!
We who gained dramatic victory by game with Kawasaki Frontale of foregoing paragraph as F.C. Tokyo
League match was only absent from one week; "game stress to want to see"
We keep collecting to collect!

Such Sagan Tosu where it leads Miss Teru this weekend to meet in home taste studio.
Because we drink, and the first place is accompanied, to give glory to successive victory at home
And we certainly win to have Manager Shinoda arrest man! We cannot but win!

Force that only makes up for it although there is of the injury secession of Takahagi is regulated.
And there is our guardian deity, Akihiro Hayashi in the tail of team!
And there is blue red supporters to be able to rely on behind!
And in contralateral goalmouth….

Is it fate? Is it thank? Game with no Sagan Tosu! It seems to become great up-and-coming fight.

March 24, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 98]

[soul! We want to color su pe movement # 98 taste studio into blue red!]

J1 league of the weekend suspends for World Cup last qualifier, international match in Asia in Japan.
toiukotode this time is TOKOTON on theme about audience increase of the staff! Talk♪

In Tama River kurashiko of foregoing paragraph that reached the 29th at this time, person from 36&CNM;311 is called out by taste studio. We recorded the second place next to person from 42&CNM;604 of May, 2015 in history.

However! dekimasen more satisfactory for soul member!
F.C. Tokyo of this season is strong!
A lot of games of dramatic victory should be born in splendid goal, too!
Therefore will you go to visit stadium to more people?
We want you to watch a game of game!
We finish dyeing stadium in blue red and want you to support team!

Capital, Tokyo.
Stadium where more than every 40,000 games eno fan supporter flocks to.
The best!