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June 23, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 111]

[soul! Being important that we control su pe movement # 111 victory or defeat…]

This TOKOTON! Story of ha <throw-in>.
Throw-in to perform when ball fell below the touchline
It is the scene to see many times during game.

By hand ball by treating exactly in friend
We should be able to deliver ball
There is even loss Yes case from mistake of throw-in.
On the contrary, in chance big in doing effective throw-in….

It is too basic and may not usually mind very much
You must perform carefully if you think with one of the plays to perform during game.

When throw-in is blown off among players of F.C. Tokyo most, who will it be?
Shall we let two people of ajirappii investigate? ?

June 16, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 110]

[soul! Game with su pe movement # 110th clause Yokohama F. Marinos prospects & sensitive talk?]

Recently <TOKOTON!> The no reproduction number of times
From a word of Tsuchiya who felt uneasy about that we were slightly decreasing slightly
To topic that is stimulating in order to make audience come near….

It is just imagination.
As facts are not clear, I beg you to understand my position….

By the way, the next gnarl is play in Yokohama F. Marinos and home, taste studio.
Order is far with the fourth place and the seventh place, but point difference slightly "1"
To steal out of this confused fight state
Anyway, it is shire ♪ tto continues winning, and there is!

June 09, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 109]

[soul! su pe movement # 109 J1 league size confused fight! Aim at high rank re-surfacing]

Concerning representative week, league match of the end of this week is suspended.
As F.C. Tokyo which gave victory after a long absence by game with foregoing paragraph away, Shimizu S-Pulse
For successive victory & high rank re-surfacing that take advantage of this period well, and reopens force
It is place that we want to regain.

Japanese international match, ACL, YBC ruvankappu, the Emperor's trophy…
"The top of J" to aim at while adding each team, various circumstances

Do we see way which F.C. Tokyo should go ahead through?
Let's expect for fight after interruption!

We go with Jonathan! Support Sunday return bus tour vs. Jubilo Iwata
Masuyo ... which there is still in room.
Specifically, it is homepage of H.I.S.!

June 02, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 108]

[soul! su pe movement # 108 origin recurrence! Let's remember last autumn!]

There is no three games victory in league match!
And we were able to pass group stage in the first place in point 1 or more!
Of course! It was intention to perform the first place passage
It is emergency defeat by <game with ruvankappu GS last Shimizu S-Pulse>…to
We of feeling somewhat uneasy recently are F.C. Tokyo.

Opportunities when Takahagi is concerned with front increase, and variation of good attack is only seen
It is place where we get more scores and want to pile up point.
It being important that we raise precision of play before goal to take goal
You do not need to say, but there is more important thing! to Ippei points out.

Keyword "origin recurrence!"

Soon after Manager Shinoda took office, how did team fight?….
We are brought back to the origin of soccer and want to aim at rise & winning all the time from here and to do your best.
We go with Jonathan! We would like F.C. Tokyo support Sunday return bus tour!

May 26, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 107]

[soul! su pe movement # 107 volante neighborhood is super ☆ activation! The next gnarl Kofu war prospects]

Game with YBC ruvankappu Section 5 home, Omiya Ardija, latter half 74 minutes.

We touch at both knees lightly at moment to begin pitch of taste studio by substitution
When "go together in my selfishness a little more," we play words…. (tears)
Ball hunter, Takuji Yonemoto outstanding of J through operation of 3 degrees knee
We came back!

After joining in whole exercise at Kodaira ground
J3 → ruvan → We give condition smoothly with J1.
As far as we are glad! As far as it is reliable!
But it is God!
You never give U.S. final contest hand the same trial, and please put up!
Activation of volante neighborhood is nice
Only injury…Please…….

While looking forward to growth and achievement of U.S. final contest hand,
These will support team hot, too!