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August 18, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 119]

[soul! su pe movement # 119 wins win 3 straight victories! The game with next gnarl Urawa Reds prospects]

After new system introduction, there is still no defeat by official game!
Away, Urawa Reds war to face in 2 successive victories.

Only for 3 back confrontations to face after having prepared in at present
We knock on Urawa and win 3 straight victories and want to aim at high rank re-surfacing now from here!

We think and give the start, victory by away, Kashima war
Point 3 first in away saki studio in 2003 years! !

August 11, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 118]

[soul! The game with su pe movement # 118th clause Vissel Kobe prospects]

Game with the 30th Tama River kurashiko, Kawasaki Frontale is draw end of 1-1.
Section 21, Omiya Ardija war that was carried out in middle three days
In goal of Japan which F.C. Tokyo is proud of's leading striker Maeda & Okubo
Victory for the first time in seven games!

After new .3 back system introduction, it is da defeat-free F.C. Tokyo now, but
Vissel Kobe where the next partner has abundant talents in front.
It is podorusuki player of representative from former Germany FW to be particularly to watch out.
As for score sense and the ball technique in penalty area, the world is right top level!

However! The next gnarl is home war.
Fan supporter will lead team to victory in solidarity!
We will make podo realize "disposition of blue red supporter"!

We look forward to being able to meet Mr. Takahide☆

August 04, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 117]

[soul! How about su pe movement # 117 3 back system? The game with next gnarl Kawasaki Frontale prospects]

ruvankappupureofusuteji second war
By game with Sanfrecce Hiroshima and game with foregoing paragraph, Albirex Niigata
F.C. Tokyo where we challenged by new system called 3 back.

Attack chances increase, too, and game development is exciting, too!
However, to Albirex Niigata partner of the present league last place
Is it premature when we think that we were not able to win to evaluate high?….

The next gnarl becomes the 30th commemorative time
Game with Tama River kurashiko, Kawasaki Frontale.
We snatch double and want you to show the true value of new system!

July 28, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 116]

[soul! Do you challenge by su pe movement # 116 new system? The game with next gnarl Albirex Niigata prospects]

We fought for last eight advance
Game with YBC ruvankappu play-off stage second war Sanfrecce Hiroshima.

We win in 1-0 following result first war that we challenged by new system which we explored during J1 interruption period!

We became member slightly different from starting member of league match
Both sides taking high position are energetic and make a lot of chances of attack
You were able to show different soccer so far.

In order to plan rollback this time from the league latter half
It is TOKOTON about new system wrestling newly! We make talk♪

July 21, 2017

[F. C.TOKYO SPIRIT! Special Web video # 115]

[soul! Motivation of su pe movement # 115 friendly game]

It was performed during J1 league summer break
Friendly game with overseas team.

F.C. Tokyo makes an expedition to Germany us
With FC Augsburg
Mainz and play that Yoshinori Muto belongs to.
Result was not able to win
In standing opposite to world top-class team and players
It is certain that it was had a splendid experience.

It just began in league latter half of a game.
Win straight victories from here; and again to high rank!
We will support hot together.