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Goji ni muchu!

The evening paper last eight

Thursday, August 10, 2017

  1. Is physical condition predictable with darake condition of male genitals on extremely hot day to know? (Fuji Evening)
  2. Hit plan (daily publication gene die) that NTV non-interference, relationship of mutual trust of the 80s produced
  3. Convict quarrels over the batting order of Kobe prison softball meet (daily publication gene die)
  4. Is considered to be U.S. popular drama script hostage; from hacker ransom demand (the Yomiuri Shimbun)
  5. The countess of evil woman porinyakku with "weakness of woman" as weapon (Fuji Evening)
  6. Was manuscript of Prime Minister Abe war dead mourning recycling? (daily publication gene die)
  7. It is horny for some reason at bookstore…Background (Tokyo sports) of obscene case rapid increase
  8. To President Go Otomi and collapse Saeko common point (daily publication gene die) with Kazuyo Matsui
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