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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

  1. "Sneezing of uncle is big why" The answer? (the Yomiuri Shimbun)
  2. Aminishiki (daily publication gene die) that call is high-pitched of "Univ. of Tokyo level as for the sumo deviation value"
  3. Voice that is good in season that is centimeter "wanting to hear voice of that person" (daily publication gene die)
  4. Development of sentiment and inference and promise…View of the world (the Asahi Shimbun) of "two hours drama"
  5. With death theory for "own death" that Sugako Hashida talks about (daily publication gene die)
  6. Is round-the-clock television high television ratings acquisition continuation crisis, too? (Fuji Evening)
  7. "We try to be underwear and, as for the immorality," are not made bashing Yuki Saito either? (daily publication gene die)
  8. Are two actresses kneeling on the Sawa Suzuki direction stage? Withdrawal (Fuji Evening)
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