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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

  1. "Gaffe" of Kanai of astronaut who "grew by 9 centimeters?" (Fuji Evening)
  2. Business hours of convenience store at "corner"……(daily publication gene die)
  3. Catherine Deneuve of French actress insists on "freedom to urge" (the Mainichi Shimbun)
  4. Canoe Yasuhiro Suzuki psychological condition (Fuji Evening) of medication
  5. Reason why "falsehood man" and "decoration women" grow powerful in the world? (daily publication gene die)
  6. We criticize for "monkey" H & M mail order and remove black boy model (Fuji Evening)
  7. Kennichi Nagira, location that ate most so far Kansai location (Tokyo sports)
  8. "We want to win" and choose Nishinomiya, Fukuo (the Mainichi Shimbun)
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