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Yukari Nakase

  • Birthday In June, 1964, it was born in Wakayama.


We are a graduate from Nara Women's University department of literature English, Britain and the United States literature department.

It is entered the company in 1987 by Shinchosha. Via publishing division,
1989 "new tide" editorial department,
We move in "new tide 45" editorial department in 1998,
From August, 2001 magazine chief editor.

The present is Shinchosha publishing division's manager.

Woman that tail is very impressive.
As editor, we are in charge of popular writers such as Yoko Mure, Seiko Tanabe, Kazuya Fukuda, Mariko Hayashi, Yasushi Machida, Yu Mi Ri, Hitonari Tsuji. Popular chief editor who appears for their essay by the names such as "Peko" "woman A children of evil spirit." We start common-law marriage life in February, 97 with Osamu Shirakawa of writer. It is said that it is saying "we go, come" of literary world and is forming combination with Shimako Iwai.

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