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Shimako Iwai

  • Birthday December 5, 1964
  • Blood type: A


Okayama birth.
We achieve choice with the third novel youth short story rookie of the year title fine work and, at the age of high school student, attract attention. We make writer debut at 22 years old in earnest and start writer activity.
We win the thirteenth Shugoro Yamamoto Prize with work product in "bokkee, kyotee" (Kadokawa Shoten) in the sixth Japan horror novel award 2000 in 1999 and we win the second woman public opinion literary arts Prize in "spiced tea carp" (Chuo Koron new company) in 2002 and win literary prizes many as horror writer.
"Spiced tea carp" which won prize for the second woman public opinion literary arts in December, 2013 is filmization of expectation. Remark and the private life not to get snagged on common sense are writers attracting attention as admiration of woman of the world most now.

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