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Takafumi Horie

  • Birthday October 29, 1972 (Fukuoka native place)


91 University of Tokyo entrance to school, nochi leaving school in midcourse.
We still pay attention to the Internet that was the dawn and establish web page production company on the edge.
Business rights are acquired by failed former livedoor.
By various company purchase, the company grows up afterwards to big company.
Oneself became wonder boy by nickname of "Horiemon" at a bound, too.
In January, 06, we are arrested for violation of Securities and Exchange Law, and prison sentence of penal servitude two years six months is settled in April, 11.
A lot of others which "add small ichi to oneself having zero - nothing" in book after being paroled in March, 13.

Horiemon who was symbolic existence of Roppongi sparks unexpected Arashi in studio of Hanzomon!

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