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Fumie Otawa

  • Birthday October 15, 1964 (Tokyo native place)
  • Special ability: Modern ballet (N.Y. Carnegie Hall casts) sign language (daily life medical treatment degree)


・After Tokyo Women's Medical University graduation, we choose way of doctor of downtown area via university hospital, general hospital
・In 1996, we start writing activity in weekly morning sun "dekigotoroji".
・Essay of autobiography which spelled half life from the medical student era in 2005
 "Elevated passageway leading to the stage of woman doctor!" We publish this and become bestseller.
・Other than normal medical treatment Northern Alps mountain in summer medical treatment volunteer,
 We are engaged in CAPP activity (animal assisted therapy) volunteer with pet dog.
・We appear on "cerebrum athlete championship" affiliated with TV Tokyo and have the first runner up, experience of the second championship
・It is great dog lover and participates in guide dog donation activity.
 Pet dog called lock goes down and often appears in own blog.

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