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Hisafumi Iwashita

  • Birthday It was born in June 28, 1961
  • Hometown: Kumamoto


It is entered the company by **indai*bun*busotsugyogo, Shimbashi Enbujo.
As plan general manager, we are engaged in production of Shimbashi gay quarters sponsorship "east odori" which is mother's body of the theater foundation. In interchange with talented geisha born in Meiji, we learn the actual situation of gay quarters including connection with duty and pear orchard of geisha who continues carrying tradition of samisen music dance since the early modern times.
Shimbashi Enbujo history of a company edites "70 of Shimbashi and theater" at the same time.

After the Shimbashi Enbujo retirement, the maiden work publishes "Japanese who forgot to play the part of geisha theory, gods" in 2006. We win the 20th exceptional Tetsuro Watsuji culture prize for new face.
It is enrolled in Japan Writers' Association by Takeshi Umehara, recommendation of Yumie Hiraiwa.
We start activity as full-scale writer and continue up to the present day.

As for essay, a lot of contributions to magazine, newspaper including book review.

We perform biography of all the bright lapis lazuli of Miyazono-bushi ballad, senkoreryu and have the name of "kyuensenkana".
In addition, we deal with dancing script as author of the first performance "love Yes free koimamaiodorisho" of association of Japanese dance (direction: Juraku Hanayagi, casts: Ichikawa Danjuro others o: national theater).
It is regular customer as person of words of "long song east sound creation society" and serves consultant of Mr. Icchu Miyako who is head family of a kind of ballad-drama (important intangible cultural asset general designation).

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