Goji ni muchu!

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Mitz Mangrove

  • Native place: Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa birth
  • Height: 182 centimeters
  • Favorite food: Prawns and kamaboko and yakisoba


Because it is nephew of Kazuo Tokumitsu of free-lance announcer, we have nickname of (the ultimate weapon of the Tokumitsus).
Intellectual, careful words and power of expression are attractive without using many gay words.
Mom serves in Bar "next dream next people" in the Shin Marunouchi Building, too.
Music unit which was formed in June, 2012 by Galant Tieck Kazue, three people of Mailey Mu
We make our debut as member of "stars scat". View of the world to charm in unique singing voice and refined harmony pays attention!

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Recruitment of message University! ※We may introduce contents which you sent to in program.
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