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Matsuko Deluxe

  • Birthday October 26, 1972
  • Blood type: Type A


Shocking visual and comment doing not mince words that are not forgotten if we see once receive great support from many aspects.
We are playing an active part in appearing on television magazine.

Though "is not sold retort" (EX public, Futaba Corporation)
"Round-trip letter of rabbit and Matsuko" (Sunday every day Mainichi Shimbun)
"New amakara life counselor's office" (experience, bunka company of true housewife)
"Every world hesitation" "every world hesitation sequel to" (Futaba Corporation)
"Round-trip letter 1-4 of rabbit and Matsuko" (Mainichi Shimbun)
"amakara life consultation" (bunka company)
"Pine ☆ Kiyo" (Shinchosha)

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