Goji ni muchu!

Of Matsuko and Fumie finish; dinner!

2017/6/26 broadcast
Image: Chirashi-sushi of assorted vegetables hashed and pickled in salt


(for 3-4 people)
(materials 3-4 portions)
Rice        2 go
Sushi vinegar       Tablespoon 5
shiba pickles      50 g (cutting fine)

Eel       For one of them (is 1cm-width, and cut)   
How much       40 g
60 g of smoked salmon
Atsushi ware egg      200 g (corner limit of 1.5cm)   
myoga      Two (ring giri)
Green shiso        Ten pieces (shreds)
White sesame       Appropriate amount

How to make

1.We move freshly cooked rice to bowl and are about to turn sushi vinegar and mix to cut rice.
 We make the whole and enter and mix vinegar gamawattarashiba pickles well.
We include 2.1 in caliber and are completed if we scatter A! (we scatter white sesame on the rice first)

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