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Goji ni muchu!

Of Matsuko and Fumie finish; dinner!

2018/5/21 broadcast
Image: Soup with bamboo shoot and chicken dumpling


[meat dumpling materials]
Chicken ground meat     60 g
Salt       2 snacks  
Liquor       Teaspoon 1
40 g of yam lowering

Boiling bamboo shoot     60 g  
40 g of spring rain (drying)  
5 g of seaweeds (salting)  
Six petit tomatoes  

Hot water       600cc
Chicken gallasoup teaspoon 1
Soy sauce      Teaspoon 1
Salt, pepper    Appropriate amount
Sesame oil     Teaspoon 1

How to make

1. We mix all the materials of meat dumpling well until tenacity is given to ball
2. We boil hot water in pan and we add chicken gallasoup, soy sauce and stock bamboo shoot, spring rain, seaweed
  We remove with spoon in rounding off soup to one share of small size and boil meat dumpling
3. We fix taste with petit tomato, salt, pepper and almost acquire fragrance with sesame oil last if it cooks

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