Goji ni muchu!

Of Matsuko and Fumie finish; dinner!

2017/3/20 broadcast
Image: French pudding toast strawberry comply


(for two people)
Two pieces of bread (six pieces of limits)        
Strawberry          Appropriate amount

Mixture nuts    Appropriate amount
Egg          1/2 unit        
Maple syrup appropriate amount
Milk         100cc
Pudding        One
Butter        Tablespoon 1

How to make

We cut one meal of bread in 4 equal portions in X.
We let we put egg, milk, pudding in 2 bats and mix well in hoippa, and bread breathe.
Melt butter, and put bread in 3 frying pans, and close the cap, and is medium fire; for roasting
   Yes. (if one side is burnt, we upset.)
While we bake 4, we cut strawberry diagonally and cut nuts coarsely.
We pile French toast to 5 platters and attach strawberry and scatter nuts
  We have maple syrup run.

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