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Goji ni muchu!

Of Matsuko and Fumie finish; dinner!

2018/3/19 broadcast


For two people
Two pieces of fried bean curds
100 g of ground pork
Bean sprouts 1/2 bag
Leek    1/2 book
There are few salt and pepper
Soy sauce preference
Mustard preference

How to make

1. We mince green onion finely and cut fried bean curd for bisection.
2. You may put ground pork, leek, salt and pepper in the bowl and mix and mix bean sprouts as if, in addition, crushing finely.
3. We cut down 2 to fried bean curd and we control lightly and flatten out.
4. We pay frying pan 3 and heat and bake by medium fire until we bake on both sides and are colored.
5. We bake in the roaster until we close the cap, and meat cooks over a low heat for 5-7 minutes.
6. We take out and attach mustard soy sauce to triangle for limit, preference.

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