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Goji ni muchu!

Of Matsuko and Fumie finish; dinner!

2017/5/8 broadcast
Image: Bold cabbage steak


(for two people)
Cabbage        Comb limit of 1/8 unit bisection
Bacon        Two pieces    Half of the length
Olive oil     Tablespoon 2
Salt           Appropriate amount
Liquor           Tablespoon 2
Egg           Two
Seasoned cod roe         25 g untied
Mayonnaise       Teaspoon 1
Black pepper         Appropriate amount

How to make

1.Enter and heat olive oil to frying pan and we add kyabetsuto bacon and print over a high heat.
2.If we bake to come a little, and to squeeze up and are colored, we weaken Tuesday and reverse and bacon expand on the cabbage and we fall and are about to turn liquor and close the cap and bake salt in the roaster lightly. (2-3 minutes)
3.Enter and dissolve egg in heat-resistant container well and we wrap softly and hang in range in 600w for one minute.
We take off lap of 4.3 and mix while doing part which hardened finely and we add seasoned cod roe and mayonnaise and mix well.
5.We serve 2 in plate and wave black pepper and take 4.

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