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Goji ni muchu!

Of Matsuko and Fumie finish; dinner!

2017/7/10 broadcast
Image: Summer tomato curry


(for two people)
Beef and pork ground meat             200 g
Fried onion        35 g
Tomato             One
Vegetable juice          200 ml (tomato base)
Curry roux           35 g (we cut)
Salad oil            A little
Sauce of roasted meat          Large 1/2
Egg               Two
Rice              Appropriate amount
Parsley             Appropriate amount drying

How to make

1.We pour salad oil into frying pan and heat and we add beef and pork ground meat and fry and season with salt and pepper
2.We cut tomato into chunks and bake fried egg
We put Fried onion in 3.1 and add saute, vegetable juice and enter and mix curry roux well
If roux of 4.3 melts, we add sauce, sugar, tomato of roasted meat and boil
5.We serve rice in container and put 4 curry and ride fried egg and parsley

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