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Goji ni muchu!

Of Matsuko and Fumie finish; dinner!

2017/7/17 broadcast
Image: Spam onigirazu


Two slices of spam a little less than 1cm
Soy sauce    Small 1
Sugar    Small 1   
Liquor     Small 1

Egg     One   
20 g of bitter gourds (slice)
Mayonnaise size 1

Rice    300 g
Paste    Two pieces

How to make

1.We heat frying pan and we accept spam and acquire over easy color and enter, and dish simmered in pick quarrel and takes A.
2.We put mayonnaise in the different frying pan and heat and we add bitter gourd and fry.
We let you enter and fry beaten egg if bitter gourd becomes soft and take out.
3.We ride rice which we made four equal portions on the paste and expand and pick up one slice of spam, rice and wrap 2 half quantity in paste.
Similarly, we make one more.

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