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Goji ni muchu!

Of Matsuko and Fumie finish; dinner!

2017/9/11 broadcast
Image: Vegetable dried pollack dried cod pasta


(for two people)

100 g of zucchinis
Carrot      100 g

30 g of Karashi Mentaiko
Butter     20 g
Seaweed drink     Teaspoon 1/2
Soy sauce      Teaspoon 1/2

Paste      1/8 piece
Lemon     Appropriate amount

How to make

We corrected butter to room temperature on large ball, and 1 paraded softly and took skin
  We mix with Karashi Mentaiko, seaweed drink, soy sauce and cook dried pollack dried cod butter.
Slice as if peeling 2, zucchini and carrot with peeler into long pieces, into plentiful hot water
  We put salt little o and boil quickly.
You may put carrot and toss in zucchini which drained the water on ball of 3.1 well.
4, laver shreds with scissors and cuts lemon in comb type.
We serve 5, vegetable dried pollack dried cod pasta in plate and attach laver and lemon.

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