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Goji ni muchu!

Of Matsuko and Fumie finish; dinner!

2017/10/2 broadcast


(for nobody)
White rice    For one cup of bowl
Ham      Four pieces
Leek      1/3 book
Green pepper    One
Egg       Two
Salt and pepper appropriate amount
Salad oil    Tablespoon 1
Thin leek (carve) appropriate amount

☆It is seasoning of this
Sugar       Teaspoon 1
Soy sauce     Tablespoon 1
Bare teaspoon 1/3 of chicken gallasoup
WED        150cc

Wednesday mixing dogtooth violet starch
Dogtooth violet starch      Tablespoon 1
WED        Tablespoon 1

How to make

1.We cut green onion into round slices. We cut green pepper, ham at 1cm corner.
2.We pour salad oil into frying pan and heat and, in addition, it is medium fire and fries leek, ham, green pepper.
3.If green pepper becomes soft, we add hot white rice and fry and we fix taste with salt and pepper and serve to container.
4.To frying pan ☆Put seasoning of this, and excite, and weaken Tuesday if come to the boil; and is ka etoromiotsukeru in Wednesday mixing dogtooth violet starch.
5.We turn egg which we dissolved in bean jam of frying pan slowly and put and heat. We put egg an, thin green onion on fried rice which we served and are completed.

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