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Goji ni muchu!

Of Matsuko and Fumie finish; dinner!

2017/11/6 broadcast


For one material
Bean sprouts 1/2 bag
Thick block of deep-dried bean curd 1/2 bag (90 g)
Thin leek (carve) appropriate amount
One cup of white rice bowl
Salad oil tablespoon 1/2
Liquor tablespoon 1
Mirin tablespoon 1
Sugar teaspoon 1
Soy sauce tablespoon 1
Miso tablespoon 1
Chili pepper (slice) appropriate amount
☆Wednesday mixing dogtooth violet starch
Dogtooth violet starch teaspoon 1
Wednesday teaspoon 1

How to make

1.We cut thick block of deep-dried bean curd at 1cm corner.
2.We pour salad oil into frying pan and heat and we put bean sprouts, thick block of deep-dried bean curd and fry by medium fire.
3.If bean sprouts become soft, ☆We let you add this and fry.
4.Wednesday mixing dogtooth violet starch detoromiotsukeru. We serve white rice in container and put bean jam and scatter thin leeks.

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