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Goji ni muchu!

Of Matsuko and Fumie finish; dinner!

2018/4/9 broadcast
Image: For egg of sauteed tubular fish meat asparagus curry


Three tubular fish meats    We cut to diagonal 1cm
Asparagus  We cut to three (120 g) slant 1cm
New onion  1/2 unit (100 g) comb limit
Salt      A little
Curry powder   Small 1/2

Liquor   It is 1 very much      
Soy sauce  Small 1/2       
Worcester sauce  Small 1

Egg    Two
Salt    A little
Butter   It is 1 very much
Salad oil   Large 11/2 + size 1

How to make

1.We classify salad oil size 1 into frying pan and heat and we add asparagus, new onion and fry.
We put salt and curry powder if we let we add tubular fish meat, and 2.1 fry the whole and fry well.
If we add A to 3.2, and saute water disappears briefly, we stop Tuesday.
4.Enter and heat salad oil size 1 and butter size 1 to different small frying pan.
 If butter melts, we pour thing which we add salt little o to beaten egg and mixed well and soft-boiled finish.
5.We include 3 in caliber and include 4 in the top.

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