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Goji ni muchu!

Of Matsuko and Fumie finish; dinner!

2018/4/16 broadcast
Image: Fired rice with blue leek Ankake


We make egg two beaten egg
400 g of rice
Sesame oil small 1
There is little salt, pepper
Salad oil size 11/2

Wednesday 400cc     
Gallasoup mix large 1
Soy sauce small 1       
Liquor size 1
A pinch of salt
Sesame oil small 1

Dogtooth violet starch size 1 B
WED    It is 2 very much
All-around leek 60 g slicing

How to make

1.If we add B letting we put A, and pan boil and attach toromi, we add almighty leek and stop Tuesday.
2.We put salad oil size 11/2 in the frying pan and heat, and we drain thing which we added o to a little, and salt enter beaten egg
 We let you add rice while it is soft-boiled and fry. We fix taste with salt, pepper, and sesame oil is poured by pan skin
 We fry briefly.
We serve 3.2 in plate and play 1 from the top.   

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