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Goji ni muchu!

Of Matsuko and Fumie finish; dinner!

2018/5/7 broadcast
Image: Chinese chives yakisoba


Steamed noodles 2 ball
120 g of ground pork
160 g of Chinese chives
40 g of red bell peppers
Spicy oil tablespoon 4 to eat
Salt    Pinch
Soy sauce teaspoon 2
Salad oil tablespoon 6+ teaspoon 2

How to make

1. We pour salad oil of tablespoon 6 into frying pan and heat and enter and bake steamed noodles with both sides crunch.
2. Chinese chives cut 1cm width, red bell pepper at 1cm corner.
3. We put salad oil teaspoon 2 in the different frying pan and heat,
  We add spicy oil to eat if we fry until we put ground pork, and color changes.
4. We add red bell pepper Chinese chives to 3 and we add soy sauce and mix with salt.
5. We serve 1 noodle in plate and are completed if we put 4.

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