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Goji ni muchu!

Of Matsuko and Fumie finish; dinner!

2018/5/14 broadcast
Image: Butter teriyaki of Spanish mackerel


Two slices of Spanish mackerels
Salt appropriate amount
Pepper appropriate amount
Wheat flour appropriate amount

Soy sauce tablespoon 1          
Liquor tablespoon 1         
Wednesday tablespoon 2       
Honey tablespoon 1

20 g of butter

For two white hair leeks
One mizuna greens (20 g)
Five pieces of green shiso

One piece of skin of won ton

How to make

1. Spanish mackerel does salt, pepper lightly and dusts off wheat flour thinly.
We put A together.
2. o is slightly with oil floor and we add Spanish mackerel and bake to frying pan of around 20cm in diameter brown
  Upset. We melt butter for finish to put A, and to sometimes scatter (approximately three minutes).

3. While we bake, we lift up won ton in oil. (in small frying pan a little less than 1 centimeter of oil)
  We mix all the vegetables.

4. We pile Spanish mackerel in plate and hang sauce and serve vegetables and ride won ton.

5. We have while all mixing.

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